Thursday , December 9 2021

‘Life will be hell if I marry my daughter’


All parents want their daughter to marry in a good house Do not make the girl stand out by highlighting the qualities that attract the groom. Some people say that time is too much.

The mother of actress Ritavhari Chakraborty Kolkata did not slander her daughter! Ritavhari recently posted a video on Instagram. There, she was seen talking about her mother’s daughter’s mistakes.

What is the real story? The video was posted by Ritavhari 7 for fun at the beginning where director Maa Shatarupa Sanyal asks the actress, many want to marry her Let her mother say something for her purposes.

Shatrupa’s advice to his sister-in-law: ‘Don’t get married at all, life will be hell. You have to be ready in the morning, you have to have breakfast according to his humor. ‘

As soon as my mother said that, she laughed and carried it from the front of the camera. And after he posted the video, he wrote in the headline “Don’t Believe Your Mother”.

This video brings great joy to the internet users.


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