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Live on the main road, not a private vehicle

The Electoral Commission has ordered the movement of all types of traffic in Dhaka North City Corporation (DNCCC) and Dhaka South City Corporation (DSCC) elections. However, the bus ban was not on the main roads. This visit can not be used by tourists, even if the testers display an inbox that can use private cars.

The General Election Commission (CEC) KM Nurul Hudak voted in a press conference at the media center of the electoral building on the eve of voting day. He said, "The city of Dhaka has several emergency problems. Will the passenger go to the airport, will it be closed? Ambulances may go hand in hand, export import items will be taken in order to take control of the police orders. He said: "The bus will not close." Ask if the buses run, he said: "The main road will run."

In response to this question, the CEC said: "No, the personal car can not move without a program. You can not walk. There's no need to talk about it. This city of Dhaka has many types of emergencies, which will be understood by members of the law enforcement agencies.

During the movement, CE Secretary Helaluddin Ahmed said: "The main roads will be in vehicles, and those that go for particular needs (private cars and motorcycles) stick with us, and if someone tells the police, they will accept them, and Sir (CEC) He said the vehicles can not travel in any way unless they travel, otherwise chaos will be generated, candidates can use the admission form.

The EU Secretary said about the general holiday, "Dhaka City" will go on vacation. We also reported. School institutes and government offices-courts will be closed. The Ministry of Public Administration has issued this notification.

Many parties do not participate in these elections after the parliamentary elections of December 30. Responding to journalists' questions, the General Election Commission said: "They did not participate in a number of different reasons: one reason is that they will only be elected for one year. Then elections will be held again, so that voters and candidates can have less interest and not all of the groups participated We do not need to do anything, it's a political decision. We all called them. Because they did not come, we do not have to do anything. "

Unless participating in the BNP elections, the CEC said "We did not fail. We did not have any weakness. All the preparations we had prepared for the right of choice. If they go to a political area, they are a political decision, unless they participate in the elections. In response, he said: "We do not trust you. We participated in happy groups. The situation is uncomfortable for us.

The CEC said that "they have been appointed by various magistrates and executives to ensure free elections, including the election of the Electoral Commission, the BGB, the police and the RAB will patrol, as well as the different forces will be deployed in different places. The civil servants who have been trained, the Electoral Commission has finalized all the electoral and beautiful elections.

As the CEC said, agents will continue in election polling until the election is declared by the official declaration of the art and voting power after the election. We want to be electoral, beautiful and correct. If the law enforcement party proves allegations against any of the anti-competitive attempts, it will be contested against them. If there are allegations against problems, the vote will be postponed immediately. Policies related to the investigation will be adopted.

Five candidates bet on the DCC mayor. There are 116 people in general, and 45 are in the reserved rooms. There are 125 people in the DSCC general hall and 45 reserved rooms.

In the twenty-first elections to the electoral candidates for election. And one of the nine major seats has been selected.

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