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Love the wives, the actors said they lie: Ajay


In the final section of the "Karako Karanekin", the sister episode Arjun Kapoor and the sister Jahnabi Kapoor, is a very interesting episode. During the sixth season of this year, Bollywood's famous guest couples are guests Ajay Devgan and Kajal Devgan.

Kajol rivals as an actor, everyone knows what his strength is. And lions & # 39; The actor also knows Ajay's abilities, everyone knows. Everyone in B-Town has met happy couples in this couple. Kajal always jokes. There is a fall. The husband of Ajay Devan also rejoins his wife to adapt his wife's madness.

Producer Karan Johar spoke with Ajo-Kajal on TV Promo, Channel TV in Star World, there seems to be no war between husband and wife.

It can be seen in the first promotion, Ajay says at Kajal's footsteps, so that any new generation of actors can play Kajal's baby as a heroine. At that moment, Kajol looked at Ajay's eyes. Said, & # 39; Ajay is old. & # 39;

Ajay-Kajal's fun is not here. Karan Johar asked Kajal whether Ajay heard him or not. Immediately, Ajay replied: "He hears, I never hear."


Then Kajal pushed Karan Johar into another situation. Asks Ajay, all the actors are usually told of any falsity? Ajay replied: "All actors have said this: I love my wife." At this time, Kajal is surprised. He was somewhat injured. But Ajay was in charge. He said he was not talking about himself, as they were saying to others.

Another promotion can be seen, the Zohar artist got friendship with Ajay Devgan. For this reason, Ajay and Karan have not resolved past problems.

In 2016, Ajay Devgn's "Shiva" Johar's "Aya Dil Hai Mushkil" movie was premiered in a great fight. Both are bitter. When he came to the problem, when he complained about Ajay, Karan dumped his money to better review his image. Kajol at that time accepted Ajay's wife.

But the laxity of the relationship after a few months, when the twin sons of Karan were born, Kajal Kuch Hota Hai congratulated Kajol's director.

Karan Johar mentioned his autobiography with the bitterness of Ajay and his relationship with Kajal. A well-known director wrote: "Kajal and I were not among the problems. He was between Kajal's husband and wife. It seems Kajal denies 25-year friendship, only if he wants a husband, then he has the right.

However, when trying to make friends with Ajay, Kajol has said he can not help her husband, because Karan is her friend. Karanak had to deal with difficult situations again. He wanted to do normal relationship.

It's a fun thing to tell Pramote. When Ajay asked for a wedding date, he went to bed. Then he said the wrong date. Cajol was also amazed. But he said the exact date. Source: India TV

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