Wednesday , July 6 2022

Madhu Sani, journalist Mousumi


Umar Sani and Moushumi's main protagonist after a long time! People of that age, this couple is doing historical work and events.

The movie's name is Madhur Canteen. You can see honey like Sani. Journalists have acted in a humorous way, Priyadarshini Mousumi. Saeedur Rahman Saeed is managing the movie.

Yesterday (November 25) was held at the Madur Jantokian at the University of Mahrat. Deputy Chancellor of the University of Dhaka was the main guest lecturer. Md. Finally. In addition, director Azizur Rahman, Saidur Rahman Saeed, Omar Sani filmmaker, Mousumi and many others.

Omar Sanik said: "I hope that this nature will be among the milestones of my career. We are working on this for a long time to illustrate this. I want to emphasize the character."

Moushumi filmmaker said: "After 17 years, Saeed's new brother made a new image, and I hope that the country will improve the image." At the end of the month, Madhur Canteen started watching the movie. On the first day, Moushumi attended.

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