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Mansour and Mokubir take oath in March

Sultan Mohammad Mansur and Mokubir Khan, elected by Ganoformam in the eleventh parliamentary elections, said they would take it a month. He criticized the national united front. They said two again in the first half of March. However, the team decides that the group's decision must be taken.

The election of Sylhet-2 District leader Mokbir Khan was promoted with the rising symbol of the Ganoforma sun. From the beginning, he is interested in swearing. Mokbir Khan said Wednesday at the first light of the evening: "It's up to the start of March to make a decision. He asked about the party's decision," I think the party's thinking is positive. "

On the other hand, Sultan Mohammad Mansur was elected to the Moulsa-2 district of the Sirsa Rice Symbol with the designation of Ganoformam. Today, according to the first light, he will be sworn in on March 15th.

Sultan Mohammad Mansur took part in the Jatiya Uqay Front. However, the distance between the alliance was associated with it. He has not seen any united United Nations front.

Under the condition of anonymity, the leader of the Ghana Forum has said that the party does not have a positive attitude, both candidates are positive. You can take the decision of the sworn party and exclude yourself from the group. The last meeting of the conference was discussed, Dr. If Kamal Hossain accepts the oath, criticism will be made. There is no respect

Gonoforama Secretary-General Mostafa Mohsin Montu said in the first light that "the party does not promise a positive opinion, we have repeatedly protested that they should decide within the decision of the parties, and the team will play against them, believing that the nation believes it.

After the Ganoforam Commission, it was decided to swear at the press conference on January 5. Kamal Hossain says they will make the decision to swear. However, the journalist Mustafa Mohsin Montu has said that after meeting single leaders, nobody swears. In addition, at the end of January, Sultan Mohammad Mansur and Mokubir Khan will take their oath. According to GanaForam, the decision to swear was not in force.

In the eleventh parliamentary elections, choosing the Ganoformam election by selecting the banner of the United Nations. To this end, six people from BNP and Gonoforam were selected.

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