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Mashrafe explains the storm of interpretation


Mashrafe Bin Mortaza, captain of the ODI group in Bangladesh. The social media network of Saragarin, involved in its policy.

Although the candidates are demanding a general debate, Mashrafe's case is different.

Since 2001, Mashrafe, a member of the national cricket group, is a role model for quality and acting leaders of critics.

But nowadays, when Mashraf is enrolled in political politics, the Bangladeshi parliamentary election of the party of the Awami League party in Bangladeshi is a mixed reaction to people in Mashraeli.

Why is Mashrafe's politics, when he explains it through his social communication, there are many comments. This report was writing 36 thousand comments.

Mashrafe received negative comments on his page as a result of participation in specific political parties. Some of the selected comments are given here.

A person named Fakhruddin wrote: "I realized again how many people there are in the world, if you love so much Imran Khan, then I was a whole group."

A person named Shamsuddin stated, "There is no policy prohibited, no one has forbidden politics." At a national level, panchayat is opposed to the morality of electoral welfare by paying a public benefit payment payment protocol.

Although Bangladesh Cricket Board is an autonomous organization. If there is no meaning for people with no right of pension.

Jewel Mahmud said: "Prayer is the first time in the field of politics, as well as saving politics and the park and leaving your loved ones to the country."

"… Mashrafek always loved, all those who acted well, they acted poorly, Mashrafe was the only player without Maker." But some people call Mashrafe, who is to join the team without the Awami League. Then they made a mistake? … "said Zakaria Zack.

In addition to negative comments, positive comments are no less

Mahmudul Hasan said that "Mashrafe's policy will have a great deal of influence on Mashrafe, and Bangabandhu's dream is that Mashraf, a Bangladeshi digital generation, will not miss Mashrafe's revenge politics. He has come to politics in his country and country. Respect and love ".

Under the Facebook post written by Masud Rana, "You do not miss the love, some tears can be said a lot, but they think that their face will be seen in Narail's development … I love Mashrafe's love of Crab Leader Mashrafe …"

What is Mashrafe Bin Mortusa on Facebook, essentially?
Mashrafe Bin Morta has received several proposals against him to buy the names of the Awami League.

So why did Mashrafe come to politics and why did he get into Awami League and why has Mashrafe explained?

Mashraf said: "Social responsibility for playing Cricket play, I think that's not enough. I've always had the opportunity to do more role and politics."

In one of these positions, he wrote in one place: "Two balls, giving joy some fun moments, and being able to become good people, both of them, was not a good man."

"Actually, I think I'm a human being, before judging. If I make the election and win the party government, then I will work my job, how am I?"

What are the first crickets?
Mashrafe Bin Mortuza, the first senior team in the Bangladeshi Cricket Group, believes that she does not want political politics, has chosen Faruk Ahmed.

Mr. Farooq told BBC Bangla: "It does not seem very much in the game. Mashrafe's character is a fight, he does not want to get into criticism."

But Mr Farooq gave his personal opinion in this way: "Maybe it was a good thing to finish the game, but ultimately it's Mashmir's desire."

"Since the game's life was almost ending and the next election had to wait another 4-5 years, then it should be back politically."

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