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Maxwell's "house" is killing Kohli

Maxwell opposed his hands to take the box. Photo: AFP

Australia won India 7 wickets in the second round of Bangalore, the T-20 series winning 2-0.

During the T20 series, Indian TV shows rarely commercials. Australian jumper is a group on the roof. The first Indian singer, Virender Sehwag, looks after them and says that the whole group will come. Warning As a response, former Austrian opener Matthew Hayden warned, "Do not take Australia lightly, do not be brave listen to Hayden's announcement? If you do not hear it. Today, only Glenn McMuelle said in Bengaluru, Australia did not take any luck In the semester of Maxwell, sixth-sixth V Sehwag has been heard!

Virat Kohli pulled out of 72 staggerings in 38 forces, with no direct involvement with the Indies, the Directorate has increased 190 and 4 wickets. To start walking, Australia had to start hurling. It was not the end of the first six parts of Power Play. Marcus Steynis and Aaron Finch are back after 42 runs. In the third, Stevens (7) dismissed Siddharth Kaul Captain Finch (8) who won Vijay in the next generation. In fourth place in Australia, two wagons were lost in 22 balls,

But Maxwell's Australian wins 7 matches throughout the match. 9, knocked his 55-ball, his 113-ball unbeaten knock, Australia won the series by the two balls. Australia is the first bilateral T-20 series to win Australia. Kohlik has lost its first cricket floor in India on the international stage. In the last three years, it is the first series to be played in three home games.

Maxwellek, D Archi Short won the third wicket with 73 runs, the victory ended at the end of the 12th ball (40 to 28 balls). Australia scored 83 goals into 48 goals. Maxwell, with Peter Handscomb, has made an easy combination of success. Thus, in series 28, in its second FIFA series. In the last five overs, Australia 60 needed 60 steps to win. The pair Maxwell-Handscomp added 16 to 12 runs on 16 and 17, and the last three overs with 32 runs.

Maxwell, nineteenth. He achieved a century of the century, which is his third century on the T-Twenty international level. He did this work as Australia's first. Australia needed 9 races to win in the final. Maxwell scored a fourth in 7, Handscomboy 18 victorious at the other end of 18 volts.

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