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Mejben get married?

Mehjabin, photo: Kabir Hosnan

TV buzz around Popular TV Mehejben Chowdhury! But it hides this marriage or does not do it. Mahzabin has opened. Only the mystery of marriage, but much more.

Stars will be hidden. What do you think of this idea? He smiled sadly to hear the question. "No, it's a great step to go through the wedding life, organized by all people, only with everyone's blessings."

A few days ago on Facebook, family, relatives and rumors, his image was seen in Mehjabin's image. Everyone is seated in a file! Exposed Mehdi Image on Instagram. The image of the wife of Meheziben also came. What is the secret? We do not directly ask questions. It could be serious. You can also be angry. So listen carefully to Mahazibi.

Last Sunday we talked about the Uttar shooting company. Mehjabin was a horrible anxiety. In the makeup room, together with Afran Nissohe, he organized lectures on the next scene. At Khususutiva, we saw the adult conversation at the Intersection. Deputy Director on Mercury Exchange Slip. Scene scenes. That day is the last day of drama filming. It's nine at night. There are still a few points left behind. So this is the riddle. Mehzabin and Nissok approached the scene. It will be the only thing that will end when the next scene ends. But in the dark cloud, it was a good news like one-moon, and the next phase was Afran Nissor.

People's mouths, people's words

Matemeeti Haseen Mehjabin entered the marriage context. It's hard to understand the secret laughter. "I do not know why everyone asks me this question. I am always happy forever. I know, I am very impressed and attached to this fact. "Suddenly talk. Now, tell directly, your wedding rumor is heard. What's the real mystery? Muzzane Clever – It has proven several times. Again, answer this question. Said," Your answer is the same. "Cry It does. I said, I do not understand myself. Some newspapers have printed some news.

She does not stop talking. Mehzabin got a word today. "When it's happening, everyone will know it. As soon as the event is small, I will not be secretive, it can tell at least the closest people and reporters. Although I do not invite, I get married, I get married, but now I can not invite you. After a while, I'll celebrate everyone. But why lukav?

Would you like to marry you?

The question did not come and I did not think about getting married any more. Pre-wedding before 2022-23 The Easy SE show, he added, "Many people say a lot of things, but I did not think so because I can not think so much."

But what is love?

& Then you're sure to get married. & # 39; Said, is there any doubt? For my wedding photos, any event can tell anyone? Even fast, people need to know. Is not it that way? Can this moment be hidden? & # 39;
But what love is Mehjabin? Without giving a sentence, he said: "No, I'm the only one." But he is in love with production. What are the lies? It's running now. He said, & # 39; No, it should be a rumor about something. At the same time, everyone will know everything. "But if there is any doubt, Mehjiben says that wedding parents like it. For lovers – good, that's what the well-known actor says. Before going to another topic, he said:" If you want to introduce someone to the audience, you will be presented as a husband "I think that this is the greatest honor. At the same time, when someone presents, he is known as a woman. This will be the best result of our relationship."

Mystery picture

This time, Mehzabin opened the mystery of a few images. Buzzing photos, talk, reviews and congratulations. First, take Mehdi Ranga's hand. Mizanur Arian is well managed. It's also a drama image. But without delivering Hathwara Mehdi's Instagram movie, the mystery is unconnected. Find out, even couples images. Fear is played in such a drama. It's one of them. & # 39; But a few days ago Facebook was seen on social networks, some of them are rumors, some people are close and you get a lot. It seems to be a good job.

Mizabin laughed at this moment. & # 39; And everyone thought I got married? & # 39; This picture is my brother's daughter Mehwina birthday. Milady spent his first birthday at home. So very close friends were invited. At that time someone loaded and loaded. If you do not know the story behind, people think a lot. I understand

He does not pay much attention. That's why this girl, who drowns, loves all the work. In most theater, it is a lover or a married woman. Who knows that future preparations are now underway?

It's important to win Mehjabi husband five times

● Be Creative Mind.

● There will be many charms.

● Honest.

● I need to understand

● I like men's exclusivity. However, that should be.

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