Wednesday , December 8 2021

Model walks her fashion show to breastfeed her baby, video provided by Shubhshree – Kolkata24x7


Kolkata: Actress Shubhshree Gangopadhyay has just become a mother. The actor is enjoying motherhood right now. She has posted multiple photos with her newborn in the clean world. His fans are fascinated. But he also had to deal with harsh words. She has been a victim of internet users for posting photos of babies ’blows during pregnancy or for reducing body fat after motherhood.

The actor never cared when it would end. Shubhshree has posted one after another on how she has enjoyed the taste of motherhood since the birth of her baby. Meanwhile, she posted a photo of another mother on Instagram Story. A model who is doing a fashion show walks around while her son is breastfeeding.

This message immediately spread throughout the world. Watching the video, it is understood that Shubhshree Gangopadhyay is drowning in motherhood. So this motherhood is being found in a new way. The actor has not shared any titles by sharing the video. But it can be said that the video has touched the heart.

The trailer for Shubhshree’s Habji Gabji has just been released. Parambrata Chatterjee played Shubhshree in this film directed by Raj Chakraborty. An important problem of today’s society will appear in this film. In today’s world it is common for families to have both parents working. The effect is on the child. The child then carries a few instruments with him. And this is the beginning of the problem. This feeling of loneliness continues to affect the child’s mental health. The image of this problem of the present era will appear in Habji Gabji.

Through it, Bangladeshi fabrics and towels have reached the world court. Face to face with BB Russell.

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