Friday , June 18 2021

Mohammedan-Mariner is a serious criminal officer … 708019 | Kaler Kantho

Sports Reporter: Players of Mohammedan and Mariner passed the compulsory conduct of the officers during the last day of the Hockey League. After four months, the championship decision was over the table. The Federation has declared Mohammedan as part of the championship match. The Mohammedan Club has been very successful a few days ago. However, with the announcement of the head of the Federation, he considered that he had not forgotten the behavior, and the hardest punishment happened in the past. Hockey has been banned for five years in Mohammedan, two major civil servants.

Mohammedan Manager Ariful Haque Prince Assistant Manager Asaduzzaman Chandan and Secretary General Mariner Hasan Ullah Khan Rana have been banned for five years. Mariner Nazrul Islam's director has been banned for three years. The technical officer of the match, Nazirul Islam, has been banned for the next three years. The meeting of the head of the Federation was decided by the Federation Air Staff and Air Marshal Mashiuzzaman, Serniabat, in a meeting of the Falcon of Air Force. In the context of the sentence, the Secretary General, Abdus Sadek, said: "In that match, Prince, Chandan joined the field and the federation officers overwhelmed him, as well as the fear of the arbitrators, and Nazrul Islam's director of the seafarers also threatened to apologize to the chairman. The senior Rana court entered the summer room with 20-25 people, their fears appeared, it was a stigmatized twenty-one day scandal, not only in the country, but also internationally criticizing our hockey for this stroke, which is why the decision of a massive sentence we need

Sadek said: "Rana, Prince and Chandan have also accused disciplinary actions, they should also report fines, and when the penalty has been taken, the record has been taken into account." Another important decision taken at the same meeting is under the Usha club first. The team did not participate in the last Premier League, according to Bailas, they will be reduced. The Federation did not find any reason to show indulgence, "we did not have to do anything about excitement. The group did it for the third time, but they fell twice before. Once again, we do not have to do anything to take disciplinary action.

Mohammedan and Mariners, for their confidence in federation activities far away from league, before creating numerous complaints. Even after the heavy punishment of senior officials, if both clubs follow the same path, hockey loss is ultimately. Sadek replied: "We have to be a tough discipline. Foreign referees said they were complaining about the AHF or FIH that were on the day. If we use it, the reduction could fall into our hockey." The Secretary of the Federation said Victory Day hockey now begins to be rigid to be disciplined. The president of the Federation stressed the importance of security in the field.

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