Wednesday , July 6 2022

Mohammedan-Mariner's four official hockey bans are forbidden


  • The technical officer of the League was also guilty after losing their first non-participative Usha

The sports reporter is very different from the federation federations of Bangladesh (BAH). There is no positive sense. There are no attacks, clothes, problems and federations in this federation. There is no promise to work and at the right time. After all, then there's a c-ball. And C-Goal can not be managed or controlled correctly. But a few years later Baha & # 39; right officials went to a coffin! This is what officials of the civil servants once again demonstrated on Monday. An unknown incident occurred five months ago 20 days ago. But after the investigation of the event, they advanced so much!

The event took place on June 7th. Place Maulana Bhashani Hockey National Stadium. Premier Hockey League's final match against Mohammedan Sporting Club in Dhaka Mariner's Yayans Club. Baref Mohammedan and Mariner's four civil servants were banned from the 5-year-old unforeseen incidents.

On Monday, the Executive Committee of the BAF was held at the Tejgaon air force in Falcon. Mariner Hasan Ullah Khan, Rana Mariner, Secretary-General, Nazrul Islam Mridha, Mohammedan Hockey, Ariful Haque Prince, and Assistant Chandan Asaduzzaman, gave different penalties. Hasan Ullah Khan Rana, Ariful Haque Prince and Asaduzzaman Chandan punished at age 5 and set a lakh rupee. The courts will be forbidden for two years if they do not have an illness. In addition, Nazrul Islam Mridha has been banned for three years. He also won 50 thousand tacos. Nazirul Islam Nazu, the technical officer of the match has been banned from three-year hockey activities. In addition to taking part in the Premier League, the former champion, Usha Khel Chakra retired to the first division competition. At the previous meeting of the Federation (October 30), he made a lot of unfinished matches. Mohammedan champions, Abahani runners and Mariner were third.

Abahani Limited played 14 matches, one match and one point at one table until the end of the hockey finals. And the Mariner view was in 36 matches in 36 games. According to the meeting, the draw was 1-1 before the end of the first match. So Mohammedan and Mariner were one point. As a result, adding a point of 39 points, Mohammedan scored 40 points. Abahan scored 39 points and Mariner was third, 37 points, the third.

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