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Mumbai's first photos, Ranveer and Deepika's reception. | The reception of Viral Ranbir and Mumbai is the image of Deepikak

That afternoon, Ranbir Singh and Deepika Padukone in Mumbai were welcomed and we were waiting for a great deal to see a Palestinian. And after receiving the first reception of the images, he was completely captivated. Couples shared their wedding receptions with their social media affairs. They are seen in a picture and the details of the clothing appear in another image. Nowadays, the wedding reception, designed by Sandeep Khosla, was designed for a party of receptions. Deepikak dressed in a beautiful chapel and Ranbir saranwani dressed. Ranbir shoes is also worth it. Before entering into the Grand Hyatt in Mumbai, Ranbir and Deepika were a bit stuck in front of the camera. See how Ranbir and Deepikak look this afternoon

If Deepak looks at the suit, he will break his usual dress. She wore naked and curly naked girls. Deepikak plays AJSAK Gaya in collaboration with the label Abu Alam-Sandeep Khosla.


Ranbir and Deepika Mumbai Reception


Are not you very good?

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After taking the pictures, the couple congratulated a bunch of flowers. Ranbir and Deepikak Cupell have made their way around. Are not they both?


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Ranbire dressed in Deepiki's dress. What's not beautiful?


Our favorite ever-loved couple

Kapil Sharma shared a wedding card with social media

Prior to the reception in Mumbai on Wednesday, share a photo of Anamika Khanna Deepika's pre-wedding festival. The Simba's colleagues who saw the next version of Ranbir found themselves in the dubbing studio.

Last weekend, Ranika's sister Ritika Bhanari arranged a party for a reporter. Deepika wearing a party dressed in sanyasachi, Ranbir also decorated the design of Manish Malhotra. In various media of social media, Nabamapati was danced like crazy.

Ranbir and Deepika organized their first welcome party on November 21, a native of Deepakik in Bengaluru. Deepikak sat in Kanjivram prizes at the Angadian House in Bengal and dressed in a robotic ball designed by Ranbire.

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Early this month, Ranbir and Deepikak married in Lake Komot, where there were friends and close relatives. It is likely that next morning in Mumbai, the couple will have another reception in Mumbai. The next day, Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas were married.

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