Thursday , January 21 2021

Najia Haque Blitzkrieg Ticket Counter

Showbiz Desk: Haque Arshya Nazi & # 39; Ticket Counter & # 39; is the title In play, the name of his character is Kajli. In the meantime, Najia Haque has been the star of a drama after winning a drama in the audience. Niaz Mahbub directed the play Panther Shahria. In addition, Mamunur Rashid, Klausura Masuk, Abul Khayer Sabuj, Mahbub Morshed Shamim, Sharmin Priti and others have also played.
Tickets can be seen on the table story, the suburbs are old movie plays. Muneu, who acts as a salesman for the film. Bocasoka is not the only one in the world. On the other hand, young Jamal is very proud. Contact centers for this cinema venue. It's a black card market. She loves a girl named Jamal Kajoli. One day Jamal moved to Mainur and said: Kajolir's father will give him a wedding. In any case, the marriage will be broken. Moinu girl goes to father Jamal's name. The same day, when he married Kajli, he returned to the village of Moinu. Then the new story began
Arsha said: the drama is completely different. The audience will enjoy different views of the show.

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