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Nakshikantha will be out of the Muslim Muslim boy!


The love story of a muslim Muslim Hindu Muslim is nothing new in the series or film. Some years ago, such problems raised the storm on the leaf leaf rover. The love story "Nakshikanthe & # 39; It's back. Nakshikanthak joins the G Bangla Channel on November 12, last year.

Manali Dey was the star of the daytime, before winning the audience, making a series of songs like Bau Kaho, Mahanaya, Sakhi, Bhutu, etc. Sumon Dey Yash's role is also to recognize the television face. The famous writer Lina Gangopadhyay has made series stories, script, dialogue and creative direction.

Each story is maintained by the viewers in Bengal. All the news about smoking religion in the Volcano around the world, & # 39; Jeevan Jihad & # 39; In such a confused situation, stories about Hindu-Muslim love. He is also a brave man, but brave. What did the author say? According to Lina Gangopadhyay, this is not the first one, such as experimentation. Prafulla Roy in "G Bangla & # 39; story was born & # 39; Kayapatara ship & # 39; It was the last success.


While Bengali and Muslims have a Hindu vision, it is less than the minority work of the series. So he felt the need to feel such. In some names the series identifies the minority community? But both communities live in Bengal on the ground.

Both sides see the series. So would Muslims not come like Hindu series? It's as straight as water. But he did not come. Nowhere is the faces of the majority of people who are talking about them. Come to this story – Shabnam, daughter of the fanatic Muslim family. After completing his studies, he wants to be a doctor. But the family decided to marry him. Shabnam escaped the night of the wedding.

In prison, my father and his house were caught by his hand. There, Yosh came and saved him and cut his hand to Shabnam's father and put an indenture on his blood. In the meantime, the marriage of Dr. Rohini Yash has been made, and Sneha Bhowmik is the role of Rohan. Yash Shabnam's senior education. The Yashen family is a former Brahminian family. Many members of the household like Shabnam, but Yash's mother is not a Shabnam Muslim girl. Durgapujos is already in the house. Up there, there was a shudder in the center of Shabnam. There has been a great deal of agitation and turmoil for a long time. However, in the end, Yashogit and Rohini's wedding were fixed.

Meanwhile, he went on a wedding day, but his mind was not good. Yashojitra is making all the rules diligently, but it can not be accepted anywhere. And it is very well understood by Rohini. At night he was rescued from Shabnam, he did not put the handkerchief of his hand with his blood. On the other hand, Rhehini is in love for a long time. However, Rohini did not want Yashozit to marry. That is his only purpose. And he is constantly making Shannam the poster and he makes misfortune in his eyes. On the wedding day, Rohini friends drank Shabnam with the name of the roses for preparing fruit.

Shaban thinks it consumes it. After losing knowledge of knowledge, he started playing low. Although they put the Jashogit necklace in their collar. Yasosit was silent as he watched him a little. But eventually he could not afford it, and Shabnam's cheeks fell. Rohini is happy to think that this goal has been fulfilled. Really Shabnam Shabnam-Jessore? The wedding party is very good, but agitation flowers arrive. On that day, Shoban's wickedness on Rohin's plot, Jashojit was wrong. Shabnam told her that she loved Rohini. Shabnam and Jessosh are the end of all relationships? Will someone return to Shabham, Jessore?

If you want to know, watch the Indian channel ji Bangla from Bangladesh Monday through Friday (Bangladesh time) is promoting Nakshikantha. Satu Mukherjee, Chitra Sen, Madhavi Mukherjee, Anushree Das, Jaijeet Banerjee, Debalina Mukherjee, Rajshree Bhowmik, Rahul Chakraborty and Raghubir. Created by Seawal Banerjee, produced by Mega series and Magic Moments Motion Pictures Limited.

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