Thursday , January 28 2021

New Loom Aamir Khan – Share Biz

Showbiz Desk: Amir Khan's supermarket in Bollywood danced with dance, singing and theater audiences. Recently a new look, Aamir Khan was found in different looks. The white hair of his head is white. The 54-year-old actress used a false black and false face. It seems Amir Khan has become old. Actually, this is not something like that. The phone operator of the Indian phone company, Phonepea, appears as an ambassador to an announcement. And this new look has surprised the fans. The video of this watch has been shared with Twitter on social media. The official IPL coordinator of this year's phone number. Throughout the game, the company will publish commercials.
In the meantime, he loses 20 kilograms to the new image for Lal Sing Chadda. Movie Tom Hanks & # 39; Forrest Gumpen Hindi is an official remake. Adwait Chandan will manage the film. Shooting will start in October this year. In 2016, directed by Leish Tiwari, "Dangal & # 39; weight gain has risen. Directed by Leish Tiwari & # 39; Chhichoor & # 39; he'll see the role of the guest now. The main character of the film is Sushant Singh Rajput and Shraddha Kapoor.

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