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New organization led by Manzur, expelled Jamaat

New organization led by Manzur, expelled Jamaat

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Within the process of setting up a new political party emerging from Jamaat, group reformists have organized new organizations.

On Saturday at a press conference, Mujibur Rahman Manjur was expelled as head of the Jamaat headquarters, a debate began, a new political organization.

The "People's Committee of Bangladesh" was set up and its first step was taken. Manju said he would not be a religious political party. It will be a representation of all the communities in the country.

They say they have created a group of five teams. These committees have begun their work.

Manju will be a 19-point coordinator of the program. Former President Chhatra Shibir also served as President of Manju Chittagong College and Chittagong University. She was a member of Shura, Jamaat's main event.

Manju says that the government of the party does not have any help behind the initiative that will participate.

International Crimes Tribunala, Jamaat leaders & Tajul Islam attorney also attended this press conference. Tajul said that he had never been associated with Jamaat but was a professional lawyer for Jamaat.

Before that, Majibur Rahman told Manjoo Jugantar that this initiative was not based on religion, but according to specific theories, it was not idealistic. Possible Manifestations say "The desire of people in Bangladesh" is the initiative and thinking of a hopeful group.

He also said that Bangladesh's people's initiative was started, but the name of the political party, the logo identity will be determined later. It will be the coordinator of the new initiative.

On February 15th, Razzaq Barrister was the main secretary of the party, and he continued to persuade the leaders of the party to persuade the leaders of the party to demand Jamaat's reintegration and its mission in 1971. For several years he was self-catering in London.

Abdur Razzaq's lawyer, Jamaat abolished, proposed a new party, Ameer Maqbool Ahmad. After leaving his resignation, the former president of Majibur Rahman Manju Shibir, Jamaat was expelled.

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