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Nusrat's family sent a five-lake loan


Nusrat Jahan Feni Madrashasatri Nusrat Jahan Rafik rejected the Tk 5 lakh loan NGO Bangladesh. The Nusrat Sonagazi demonstration and protest program was held on Saturday to demand justice.

Borrow Money Removal

The Luther Rahman, director of the Sonagazi store, at Sonofazi Store, said that he was killed by Nusrat's mother, Tk 4 lakh in Bangladesh, and another Tk 1.04.004 was a loan earlier. These loans have been revoked.

Lutfur Rahman said the decision of the loan was decided at the headquarters meeting, taking into account the losses caused by the call for an emergency meeting of the Board of the institution. On Friday afternoon, accompanied by the official senior office of the Bureau Kazi Md Sonugazi. Yad Ali Nusrat's acquaintance at home.

Nusrat's eldest brother Mahmudul Hassan Noman has affirmed his problem with the compensation of family offices in Bangladesh, for the first time for the first time.

Human chain and demonstration program

The teachers and students of different educational institutions have organized human meetings and exhibitions to demand the accusation of the accused of Nusrat's murder committed by Siraj Uddoulas. On Saturday morning, the program was organized by the Manukalkandi Multiprado High School in the school room and held on the main road.

President Ishmael Hossain Sirajee's Board of Directors, said the director at the human chain. Fayz Ulha, senior professor Selim Uddin, said Shiuli Bhowmick, Chadia Binte Zaman, a 10-year-old student. Citizens, among teachers and students of different educational institutions, participated in the human chain.

On April 6, Sonagazi Islamia Fazil, Madrasa fellow student Nusrat Jahan Rafi Alim studied students to take her to the fire. On April 10, a Nusrat Dhaka Medical College Hospital died. The police arrested 22 people in this affair.

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