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Official videos of YouTube to say goodbye

Google recently announced – or, rather, since the YouTube support page has been updated a bit since – all annotations that were created prior to annotation editor have been canceled, removed from videos from the next years.

In May 2017, Google has suspended the annotation editor because the creators could not make a lot of annotations for video uploads. These colored blocks made it difficult to disrupt the sight and, quite frankly, the videos were disorganized, and the pop-ups were distracting.

However, these notes were a good way of creating video creators to share their favorite content or products or share them with others.

In order to respond more exclusively to these measures, Google introduced cards and final screens in 2016, which are still used today. Cards are cleaner than the pop-ups designed in the corners of the corners on the top corners. To do this, you can open a menu to open links, videos, surveys and all others in an organized manner.

Otherwise, the last screens have a pretty good explanation for the interface option: users show a screen at the end of the video; Above all, it is worth highlighting: channels, products and even more.

Both works work on the mobile platform, unlike annotations, and the platform creates seven times more clicks. Quotations, on the other hand, were often quite frequent, so that, from the 15th of next year afterwards, all of them were deducted, no one at all.

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