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Oishee's first work with fasting

Jannatul Ferdous divine, Siam Ahmed, stopped worship Bandhan Government Puja Musician Aramailla song and Mum Bard in Bangladesh, Jannatul Ferdous Oishee is modeling this actor. Duo will be seen as a model for a song called "Dotha". The music video will be on January 31, according to the songs of Taneem Rahman.

Priyam was often seen before the music video, but Oishee is the first time. But not only in the music video, he will stand before a camera during the last Miss World competition.

Oishi said that she had a great part in the festival. So drama or music video could not be seen. Then why is the song's video model? Oishe said: "The artist of the song did not want to worship. Cousin Siam Bho was also debated at this time, the director made a lot of work, everything is doing his job.

The dance show will be shown in the video story. When he was preparing to make the song, he said: "I heard the director's video, I already had a dance practice, and we've done it a few days. There's no problem."

Fasting is very optimistic about Oishee. He said: "It should be recognized by God in the video. After finishing the work, Oishee has been contacted by our entire team. He is very interested and honest in his work.

Pooja said the title song of Boishakhi Amaz. That's why music video is intended to release the YouTube channel Dhruv Music Station with Paola Baishakh.

& # 39; Last & # 39; song, written by Sraban Sabbir, performed by Vivek Musician, consciousness and Jewel Morshed

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