Saturday , January 23 2021

Panama breaks down Daily Star Bangla in Brazil

After defeating the World Cup, Brazil won. Five times world champions have won every year to win six games. This year, in the first match, without Neymar, they have not won the Panama team.

Philip Koutinohad left on Saturday after losing 1-1 in the draw in Portugal.

In FIFA, Brazil is ranked 76th in Panama with soccer and rhythmic. The result was not the result of their normal cause.

But the beginning of the game was different from the beginning. In the first minute of the tournament, the ball takes possession of the Brazilian offensive After losing some of the opponents, he reached 32 minutes. On the cross of Neemar Casemier, take a 10 shirt and send it to the valley of Pakukuya.

But Brazil could not keep these goals for four minutes. Adolph Machondo led Panama through an attack by an advocate.

Panama is weak after the tactics of the conservatives. Brazil followed one after another. Qasimiro, Kuthinhohara did not try to continue. He leaves Panamera with the Brazilian team

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