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Paoli And Abir in a Romantic Thriller | Paoli-Abir together again in a romantic way, why you do not know


& # 39; Rooms & # 39; Rooms & # 39; There's a new section now. Paul and Abir are talking about each other. They've got together for new movies. Earlier, both of them saw Meinak Bhowmik's bedroom in the movie. This photo is currently the "third chapter". Manoj Mikigon, director of the film

Isha Ambani sanyasachi casts herself at once in the worship of her previous marriage

The movie is a thriller, but Abir-Paoli's good romance can be seen. Recently the first motion poster was published. It has been heard that the film has been released in 2019. The film posters show Abir's gun under Paoli's guidance.

Check the Motion Poster:

Paoli has already tweaked this tweet saying: "The third chapter will be a thriller in my next love in February. Stay tuned." Abir Chattopadhyay also tweeted from his account, in the third chapter with Paoli.

Photo Poster:


According to sources, most of the films filmed Deoghar.

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