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Pritrakar & # 39; Do & # 39;

Among Bollywood actors, the Preity Ribbon is different from many others. Others act acting, but the actress's thinking is a bit different. Preeti is a successful business. Also, crickets are a great option. The owner of Kings XI Punjab is IPL. The Preity Tape is worth 600 crores. Of course, that is possible. This property was acquired by Aditya Baba Shander Amroli. Shandar, Bollywood's director, was the son of Kamal Amroli, Amrioli Priety. Preeti grew up Priya deserved a death of 600 deaths. But the acquisition of ownership is not supported by Preity. That's why it's obviously that the affair of love is very hard. And that's why today's a successful business. That's why 600 drops of erosion were easily obtained.

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