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Priyanka's marriage cost 12 million!


After Deepika-Ranbir, everyone recognizes that Priyanka-Nick's marriage will be something new. Priyanka's wedding is still a few days away, but they have already started to amaze fans. A royal wedding at the Umed Bhawan Palace in Jodhpur, Rajasthan. Priyankar flood flame

Nick's parents go to India tomorrow Priyanka-Nick's wedding ceremony begins today The Priyanka family has rented the whole palace of Umed Bhaban. This couple ran from November 29 to December 3. The palace will not be rented for 5 days. Wedding events include: yellow, music and Mehdi. These three events will be at the Mehrangarh fort. Other tourists can not enter the castle for 3 days. Priyanka-Nikkake had to spend a lot of money for this.

Umed Bhaban Palace has 64 luxurious rooms. 22 palaces and 42 historic palaces. For one night in the palace, there will be 47 thousand 300 rupees. And in the historical room a night for 65 thousand rupees to pay 300 rupees. In addition, the cost of 5 days of rent, along with other facilities, will be 32 million rubles. Food, furniture and other expenses. According to the hotel authorities, 5 crores will be spent.

Meanwhile, for the Mehrangarh Fort, 40 rooms will be rented at the Umed Bhaban palace. The extra cost will be more than Rs 10 lakhs, including lighting, stage and other costs. The cost of the hotel and catering industry means that every person has to pay 18 thousand rupees. At the cost of the house, Rs 3 crore is worth 93 lakhs for the wedding ceremony. Four and a half cores of food and other expenses will be spent!

Priyanka and Nick Udaipur will dry in Rajasthan. Thereafter, the helicopter will take the grooms and the bride will arrive at the palace of Umed Bhawan. Helicopter was rented from November 29 to December 3. There are hundreds of million Rupees to rent. In all, Priyanka-Nikkay should be spent 12 crosses before marrying.

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