Saturday , February 4 2023

PSG sweat Neymar, Mbappe


It has been a month in which he has debated Paris-Saint-Germain's controversy, but Kylian Mbappe and Neymar coaches are playing the longest shadow of the French club to win Liverpool.

PSG defeated Napoli in the third game of the C group in the Parc des Princes and defeated the runners of last season's runners at the Red Star in Belgrade.

This prospect is impossible with a club with PSG intentions, which are desperate to improve the way to the next 16 years.

Thomas Tuchel has won the home game since becoming a coach since summer, but PSG's results have been in Europe and have lost 3-2 in Liverpool and have won two victories in Napoli.

In fact, he won 6-1 in Red Star last month with French side, the only wins in the last seven Champions League, unlike the winners.

"We have to play against Liverpool in real terms. The average performance is not enough against such a team, we are talking about high level and we have to prepare ourselves perfectly." It's a crucial match, "said PSOE official Thiago Silva captain.

Will they really be ready when they face the most expensive two players in the world without Jurgen Kloperen's team?

Mbappe and Neymar have scored 13 goals this season, Edinson Cavani is 10 years old. The effect on the team is very large.

"They're doing better every day, before Wednesday. I think they can play," said Tuchel's weekend.

Participation of almost all PSGs is not excessive, although there is a risk.

However, Barcelona and Real Madrid have won a PSG at the press conference since the tenth anniversary of the Parc des Princes league rounds, Liverpool is a huge challenge, as Klopp's men lost their last four games out of the Anfield competition.

In another part, Tottenham's Harry Kane and Inter Milan will play Mauro Icardi as the majority of the Champions League league.

Both simple Kane and Icardi continue denying and condemning them to go up. Now, as well-established as the talismanic clubs of clubs, these unlikely heroes have become the sport's hottest qualities.

A Wembley victory wins a 16-point bag, Tottenham must win the final round of the match.

Spalletti expects Spurs to blaze all the guns, but does not make plans for Kane. "We value the opposite against the opposite. However, Inter always inspires the opposition," said Spalletti.

"This means raising a level with their regular performances. We do not have any specific vision for a team or another. We have to do it with Inter Milan."

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