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Razzaq wants to call the subway station: Shakib Khan

Races and Shakib Khan > In the capital of Tejgaon, enter FDC 3 and 4 in the mouth. Legal Tuesday evening a great encounter went that way. The second-color dress is Habitat dance artist. It became known, on the floor of the movie Shakib Khan movie is filming. Rupasajjakak was shocked. He talked with her. There are numerous film plans, a lot of FDC and a lot of artists. Shakib Khan said: "The country's greatest filmmaker's identity has been his one-and-a-half year of death. There is no official government to be a memorable event, the name of this film must be named after a road in the capital, the station will be in front of the FDC station. That's the name of Nayakraj Razzak. We want it.

Shakib Khan filming "Shahhen Shah" in the last two days of the FDC. India's dad Yadav choreographed the song. Savvy directed music and music Kanha and Savvy gave voice

Nayakraj Razzak was also a film production and director. His productions and directed films were successful. Shakib Khan said: "We were influenced by a foreign film here, then Razzak Sahib came. Najakraja Razak made a showcase in Bangladesh, becoming a favorite of all kinds of active skills, still alive for everyone. This legend will take its inspiration At the same time, some non-governmental initiatives have to be taken. From this pension, I would ask for the government, the stations built on the underground train should be named as the station called Nayakraj Razzak.

Later, Kolkata Tollygunge metro station & # 39; Mahanayak Uttam Kumar metro station & # 39; he was appointed. Shakib Khan said: "Uttam Kumar's image in Tollygunge is" Uttam Kumar Metro Station ", which is currently being built in our town, and the name of Metro station Razzak is now called Razzak's short description of life. It's better at the station. Every day thousands of people know about the road. Najakraj Races will survive the new generation.

Shakib Khan also said: "We are proud of being a Razzaq hero, who has worked for the film industry for his entire life. He received many honors from freedom of speech, numerous national prizes and awards, and Razak should respect the government. One of the heroic races should be the presence of FDC.

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