Monday , January 18 2021

Real – Share Biz winner winner

Sports Secretary: Since the beginning of the new year, Chhandahara Real Madrid has hit again. Against Betis against La Liga in the match against Real Madrid, Bernabéu won the club and became the hero of Danani Sebbios.
Danny Sebiseos has been in Real Madrid for the last season, leaving Real Betis. After a year and a half, he scored the last goal against the first team. The Bernabeu Club won the first victory of the year, 2-1. Earlier, last week, in the field of the Road, in three days of drawing 2, Realak lost 2-0 home in the home, the Solaris lost. However, at the last Wednesday's Copa del Rey final, Madrid won 3-0 at the Madrid Club in Legals.
At Bettis there was a lot of speed in the ball to catch the ball from the start. However, in the 13th minute of the match, Luca continued to win the magic of Bernichur. Danny Carvahal wins a kick in the foot. At that moment, he made a great shot at the Kroatia midfielder on the outside of D-kutxa. Meanwhile, Real Madrid's Vincius Junior doubled the gap before the break.
Bettas rested on the game. In the minute 67, the team dumped the D-kutxa and midfielder Sirhio Canalas caught Keeler Nawab's two-legged gap. Even though the relief camp did not match. At the end of the game in the 80th minute, Sebbios Bachchan scored an excellent goal for a 20-meter long goal.
Real Madrid, from 33 points in 19 games, was fourth. Barcelona is at the top, it has scored 13 points and four with 43 points. Athletico Madrid dropped 5 points in second place.

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