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Salas is missing a footballer!

The 11th of the day of the disappearance of Argentine footballer Emilio Sala in the plane's accident has not yet been found. But Salna was not expected to be an alive model of Berenice Shakeer's lover. He said: "I hope he will be back. Perhaps he is alive on a lonely island. He can not disappear. I feel like this." Cardiff's French club has sent Salna 15 million pesetas exchange rates to the club for the winter exchange rate. On January 21, Salna flight plane disappeared into the Canadian canal to enter a new French group. Salma and the rider David Ibosenson disappeared. Both travelers were on a small plane. Some waste was found on the plane but there was no trace found. And the authority that remained in the midst of the operation of the rescue. However, Lionel Messi has asked for legends like Diego Maradona to continue the rescue operation. And a 28-year delay is made up of social initiatives, that Salah is alive or dead. France also took the initiative. 80 thousand signatures have been collected to request the authorities to continue the operation for Sala. Earlier, Berenice joined football mafia as the head of Salar's death. 26-year-old model has been deleted.

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