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Second budget quote for our drama

There are several drama sections that are performed on different channels. Relevant series are "Paper Flowers", NTVn, Sentimental Selim & # 39 ;, RTVn, & # 39; Locket & # 39 ;, BTV & # 39; B's Friendship & # 39; Locket & # 39 ;, BTV & # 39; B's Friendship & # 39; Locket; videos over This actor is now busy with drama TV. He was asked about the continuous series response, he said: "I've always tried to be very important. I do not think I'm a traditional hero. I have a role to play in all the series that I work on: viewers are responding to the series. In response to this, Swagata said, everything has become easier than ever. After the promotion of a game, many people are happy with Facebook, WhatsApp or the phone, and the theater is now on YouTube. What is the future of drama? How do they see the audience entertain the Indian series? In that context, Swag said "we are building a lot of plays." I think we're doing our plays. But now there's a great drama budget drama – a budget is not enough in a drama. If they are somewhat honest, they may change, as well as performing plays Those who are interested in their selection of artists. In play it is possible to do well if the artist chooses the story. In 2007, the actress "Enemy Enemy Game" gave a positive response to the audience. Later, he saw some more films. But it is not in the film at this time. But the movie has gone far from the car? He said he did not move the movie. How many movies will we now! Some movies are closed by ad. In addition, many actors do not have more in the film. I have no such reason. That is, the situation in our films today is not good. In fact, two great films are being made at least. I think the main actors return to the cinema when the number of filmmakers increases. I also want to work on the film. If it's a story story, then I'll take the audience back into the new movie. Outside the play, this actor makes regular presentations. He has screened "Sonali Din Rupali Story" at the BengaliVision Festival. Every Saturday afternoon is being promoted. He also presented the presentation with love, he said. In the meantime, Swagata acted as a class at the "Anandaam Sangitong" school of her father. When asked about school, he said, we kept the school singer Anandaam Sangitong. Children learn and play songs. Take a class of my small world civilization music. I'm advertising ads. I love spending time with them. Welcome to the invitation to find out how you want to know Bangladesh's dream? His remarks, Chawkbazaren fire, surprised us a few days ago. Thus, whenever an accident is happening. I want general security. We must ensure that all human beings live well.

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