Friday , June 18 2021

Shaheed PhD Milon is today

Dr Shaheed Union

Shaheed PhD Milon is today. The organizer of the movement and the Secretary General of the Bangladesh Medical Association, Dr. Ershad, on the eve of the anti-autocracy movement. Shamsul Alam Khan Milon was killed by terrorists. Through Milon's sacrifice, a new anti-terrorism movement was expanded. In the end, Ershad's dictatorship fell through the student's strikes. Since then, Shaheed every year. Milon Parliament launched martyrdom on Tuesday as a martyr. Thousands of years after the murder of Milon, killers can not be identified and prosecuted.

In the memory of the day, President Abdul Hamid, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina gave another message. In his message, President Abdul Hamid mentioned democracy and development as complementary, he said, in order to ensure sustainable development, the progress of democracy must be strengthened.

In his message, Sheikh's former Prime Minister, said one of the leading leaders in anti-autocracy movement. Shamsul Alam Khan paid tribute to his remembrance for his 28th anniversary of the assassination in Milan. In a message, he asked for a pardon for Shamsul Alam Khan Milon's soul.

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