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Shakib-Mushfiq is not together for 13 years

Two years ago with Mushfiq Shakib, the image of the Prothom-alo file after the centenary of Basin Reserves

Bangladesh will be New Zealand football in Hamilton's four rounds. Shakib Al Hasan could not go to New Zealand for injury. Mushfiq will not play tomorrow due to injuries

It was only found in the ODI series that was initially known. Hamilton will start the race tomorrow at the end of the series. But Shakib Al Hasan country. The fingers that do not let play this first test are certain. As planned by Mashrafe Bin Mortaza, New Zealand's tour is always tough. Shakib will be harder. & # 39;

The problem is more difficult before opening it. Responsible for Mushfiqur Rahim. During the third ODI, he pressed on his face. And it's the same pain at the front wrist. It was not possible to play in the preparation match. If it is not a miracle, Mushfiq Hamilton's first test will be seen. That is to say, if it is difficult to travel without Shakib, "death death" is true. If that is not the case Mushfiq. Batting (assuming) is technically one of the best battalions in Bangladesh, and the division head is not a bowling alley. Bangladesh was behind the test!

Statistics try to read this one again. Shakib (763 wins in 8 games) Bangladesh testing in New Zealand Most wicket Shakib (26 wickets in 8 games). Meanwhile, Shakib played 4 games and four games in New Zealand. New Zealand is more effective than in the country, it is more effective. Cars (517 runs) and wickets (9) are also against Kiwis in the country. Most wickets (11) Mashrafe, but now it's in the test that Shakib is playing.

Most of the balls (715) played most of the Shakib-e Balls bowled over (124.4 overs). This Shakib is the best cricket in the country, and no one in the New Zealand land, which means that the team has no weapons.

Four Mushfiqar (222 runs in 4 matches) New Zealand tests in the Test series. Mushfiq player is the only player to play the ball after Shakib (477 balls). Mushfiq is one of Bangladeshi's three-in-a-side, a century old in New Zealand. Shakib's number, a century since the rest of Mahmudullah's rest in the context of Mushfiq, are probably the best memories of Bangladeshi teams in the New Zealand Test series.

In the Basin Reserve of 2017, a Shakib 359 partnership, Shakib took the 15th century and Mushfiqq 159. Hey … ohhh … that's why it will not be there. The damage must be damned. Everyone knows what will happen. And the question arose in this confusing question, first, without Shakib-Mushfiq, when we made the final test, did anyone remember?

"Nostalgic" should be remembered. It's been over now. Australia arrived in Bangladesh in 2006, in Bangladesh In the previous test series, Mushfiq was not included in the test series. Shakib did not even play Proba arena. Next year he will be anointed. In short, after anointing in the Shakib test, none of them were from the Bangladesh Test team. Shakib-Mushfiq, one or two, made 68 tests at this time. To do this, the number of the win and draw is between a dozen and twelve.

Mushfiq played two tests before Shakib anointed. Then there were 64 tests. And Shakib's career test in Australia for the 55th in 2006, in three major tests in Bangladesh and two test series, Mushfiq and Shakib respectively in 2006, Mushfiq and Shakib. Bangladesh Tamim Iqbal is getting this series. That is, the batting order is as sharp as the result, but the central order has become dull!

Let's see if tomorrow one of them covers the lack of these two stars.

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