Monday , November 29 2021

Shubhshree gave a video of breastfeeding at work, The Joy of Motherhood


In Brazil, a female parliamentarian who took part in a debate in the National Assembly in 2014 without paying attention to the camera lens breastfed her baby. In a photo and video that went viral on social media, she was seen lightly fulfilling her mother’s duty as she presented a statement on the microphone.

Cole’s baby was breastfed by a female member of the left-wing Australian Green party at the 2016 parliamentary session. In 2016, two houses in the Australian Parliament allowed breastfeeding in a session of women MPs. The problem of breastfeeding these women MPs was appreciated around the world.

This time, Kolkata actress Shubhshree Ganguly shared a video while breastfeeding the child of a model mother who was on the ramp and brought up the topic of care for working mothers. A few days ago, Shubhshree got a taste of motherhood. Raj and Shubhshree’s sons have come to light the house. Their children are also very popular on social media.

From time to time, Raj and Shubhshree upload videos and photos of their son’s misdeeds. Mothers have to deal with many things before and after childbirth, from body composition to weight gain. This discussion is repeated, especially in the case of mothers associated with the silver screen. After motherhood, the debate about body fat for actors seems to be a hot topic even in the clean world.

In response to these critics, Shubhshree recently shared a video of her mother on her social media. In the video a woman was on a ramp to breastfeed her baby. In other words, even after being a mother, the mother has no difficulty doing her job by breastfeeding the child.

Although she shared the video on the Instagram handle, Shubhshree didn’t say a word. As if to explain without writing anything, silence is a protest.

Shubhshree is very busy now with the kids. Every moment Juvan is connected to his child. Shubhshree thinks he will return to work. Preparing for it. The shared video indicates that she is thinking about childcare while going to work.

Meanwhile, a film called ‘Habji Gabji’ starring Shubhshree is awaiting release.


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