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Still Photo Jazz – The Daily Amader Shomoy

Over the past five years, the Crescent Group has over 5 million tanks, creating fake export documents, the main part of the scandal is made through Remix Footwork Limited. More than 1,000 million euros have been converted to a lack of institutions in Janata Bank. Abdul Aziz, President of the Remix, who is the President of Jazz Multimedia. Distributors see Jazz Multimedia behind Janata Bank scandal.

After the explosion of the scandal, the production of "Prem Maa Me" was premiered on the first day of the month when it was shot in 50 cinemas.

News confirmation, Alamullah Khokon, CEO of Jazz Production, Jazz Multimedia, produced Dhaka Raj Chakraborty Produkts in Kolkata, Love Me 2 & # 39; with

Jazz CEO said: "On March 1, I will premiere the movie" Love My 2 ", our goal is 60. But it will not diminish half a million." The photo shoot began in March 2015. In this movie, along with Pooja Cheri, the heroine is Kolkata. Pair & # 39; Noor Jahan & # 39; he filmed earlier. This couple will see for the second time "Love Me 2 & # 39; through Raj Chakraborty's Assistant Director Bidula Bhattachary. On February 8, Kolkata was released "Love Me 2 & # 39;". And on February 22, a single Bangladesh film was released.

In this context, Alimullah Khokan said: "On the other side of the country we released a photo for all of them, we want to have all the photos to be our business, which is why the movie will be released on a large scale on March 1.

Raj Chakraborty's Love Me & # 39; The movie was released in Kolkata in 2009. New image & # 39; love me2 & # 39; Although it's called, it's not the first movie sequence.

Heroine Puja Cherie said: "Although the second part of the movie is different, the story is completely different." According to various sources, since Janata Bank's Jazz Multimedia has risen since the free loan. At the same time, President Abdul Aziz has said that the media has repeatedly seen that the Jazz Multimedia film industry in the country of origin is still alive, there is no Bengali film. However, he did not agree with his statement by Bangla filmmakers

They said, "Many people are involved in this industry. Industry has left alive. If there is no jazz, then the movie will not be there, it's not important.

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