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Taka with 90 lakh crests with 3 eight manufacturers


Poetry, Akram Khan, Mir Sabbir and Hridi Haq The name of the movie received during the 2018-19 event is known. The Secretary of Information, Deputy Secretary, announces the name of the signed picture by the secretary of the Ikramul Huq, and three manufacturers have been given eight years. Kabori is the scriptwriter. Now, the jury has accepted its script. His picture name & # 39; Hey thou thou & # 39; da. He wrote the story and script of the film itself.

Mir Sabbir and Hridi Haque, the actor and director of the TV, accepted the film that will be produced this year. Other donors are Abu Raihan Jewel, Akram Khan and Hosni Mubarak Rumi. Puraji Matin "Bilkis and Bilkis" and "Khelaghar" donations donated by Humayara Bilkis in the documentary section.

The names of the films featured during the year include the annual Sab annual funding, the "Night Jaga flower" by Mir Sabbir, Akram Khan's widow's talk, Abu Raihan Jewel's Nasu Dakat Kupokat & # 39 ;, Hosne Mobara's Rumi funeral , "Hridi Haq" during those days. "

The Government's children's film, this year has decided to give five films directed at documentaries and the general one. The Ministry of Information was informed by the Ministry of Information on Thursday. As a public donation, & # 39; Nasu Dakat Kupokat & # 39 ;, & # 39; Widow Talk & # 39; and "Night Jaga Phul & # 39;" They will be available for each movie, Tk 60 lakh. & # 39; All these 1971 days & # 39 ;, & # 39; funeral & # 39; and you & # 39; do this you do & # 39; 50 million taps will be received in the film. And for the documentary, the offer is 30 lakh taka.

In 1976-77, the government financing system came into the local film. Since then, films have been funded by government grants every year.

Actress Barri Kori was the first actress in 2006, & # 39; Mirror & # 39 ;. This is his second movie. In the first edition, Kabhi said that the November movie will be launched. It is not possible to complete the film Tk 50 lakh demand shoot. Therefore, more films can be added to producers. Before shooting, she wants to take photos and other activities together with her photographs. This movie is also a chance to act as a Bangladeshi actor.

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