Tuesday , March 21 2023

The chosen kook of three kooks will choose sugar


Election air is being thrown across the country. This wind has taken on a regional culture. Three stars of the musical star BNP have been nominated. Kanakchampa, Monir Khan and Baby Najinin have ratified the nomination, confirming the rice sign. On Monday afternoon, a letter from the Political Office of the BNP President, Gulshan, was sent to the papers of the nomination.

Rumana Morshed, writer Kanakchampa received the approval of others. Sirajganj-1 (Kazipur) has been appointed by the BNP. After being named Chappa Kanak, after buying the candidates, I have received greetings to the people around. I want to take myself to the development of the Sirajganj-1 seat. BNP wanted to be my platform and I got it. Candidate was nominated, "Kanak was written by Chapa on Facebook." I always always think about it all the time. The national election is hard on all sides. I love it. I sang the song fair as easy as water. Everyone will pray for me. Inshallah, the artist can give the artist some kind of craftsmanship. "

Music star Baby Naznin got nominated from BNP. Nilphamari-4 (Syedpur-Kishoreganj) seat in the list of nominated BNP nominees and former president in the list of mayor of Syedpur. Amjad Hossain has been named. Baby Najin said: "I'm already working on people in Nilphamari-4 range. If you choose the symbol of the Rice Seal Symbol, you will be Alha in My Hometown in Saidpur, I will take part in the elections with the people around.

The music star, Monir Khan, was named. Jhenidah-3 (Maheshpur and Kotchandpur), a well-known singer, questioned Sheila's BNP basin. His appointment card arrived on Monday night at 4:30 p.m. Monir Khan is not just music. In addition to music, he participates in politics. The artist has already been an active bet for the nation's party. He also attended many BNP promotional events. This artist selects Jhenaidah-3 judicial district for public services. Monir Khan Jatiya from Sangska Sangsad (Jasas) has come together for a long time. In addition, he is currently Secretary General of the BNP.

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