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The controversy published from Facebook, then something so much!

Tania Perera, Malinga and Thesira Perera. Image Image

It was a Facebook post from the beginning. Tania Perrera, the wife of the councilor Thesira Perera and the current ODI captain Lasith Malinga, began the relationship. Now Sri Lanka Cricket Board (SLC) has been expanded.

Facebook's problem is sometimes clashes. Once again, they understood the wife of Theresa Perera and Lasith Malinga. In the social media, both Bahus arrived at the table. All Tesa Perera wrote a letter to Sri Lanka's current captain, Malinga, wife, Tania Perera, to make the national team laugh at the nation. Pear, commenting on these conditions is not good before the next group.

The problems started earlier this month. Tania published a post on Facebook to indicate that Perera was ready to meet athletes. The answer to the dog responds with great response. The Perera letter has written a letter to the CEO of Ashley de Silva, after another few weeks, claiming another message.

Pera wrote in this letter: "When the wife of the current captain wrote this complaint through social media, it is difficult to think that these masses are real and prevent misrepresentations on my behalf. After publishing this post in Facebook, the unpleasant situation of dressing has been created, since the group The two main players do not have corroboration, the youngsters in the group feel uncomfortable, if the interference team is very difficult to play. Leadership is a steady and unified group, before creating a new plan. I mean, one of them is not now.

In the five-round World Cup, Sri Lankan forces will have an increasing impact on Pereira, "World Cup ends." We must fully maintain our vision without being debated in matters of a senseless society. The group has a solid leadership, direction and environment. This topic must be done before the World Cup. Team leaders and senior players must have an example. Because of the personal anger of a person, we can not laugh at the national country for the whole country. There is no scope to alleviate the problem, especially at this time. I would like to thank the SLC for taking the opportunity to overcome the differences between us and force the group to take on new trust and solidarity. "

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