Thursday , February 9 2023

The decapitated body was lying in the bamboo garden


The body of a daily worker was in a Decapitated Satkhira bamboo garden. Police recovered the body from the Dahkula area of ​​Satkhira city on Saturday night. Three people have been arrested in the incident.

The name of the deceased. Abdul Aziz (56). Satkhira is a resident of the Dahkula area of ​​the city. The three arrested are Aziz’s wife Rokeya Khatun, Nazrul Islam’s nephew and Jeher Ali from the same area.

Shahqul Islam day workers in the village of Dahkula and drivers of Hafizul Islam vans said. Abdul Aziz usually does not stay away from home in the evening. He started looking for her because he didn’t return home until 9pm on Saturday. Later, the body was found in a bamboo garden near the house around 11 p.m.

Satkhira Sadar chief (OC) said police. Asaduzzaman said they were arrested after conducting interrogations after checking the call list on three mobile phones. They are preparing the case. After preparing the survey report, the body will be sent to the funeral home of Satkhira Sadar Hospital for an autopsy.

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