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The first day of the high school students failed

Bangladesh was not worse when it started. But as soon as it is set, the picture varies. After returning to Sadman Hossain, the Bangladeshi wicket regularly and quickly loses. In just over 234 Bangladesh, 59.2 overs, Tamim Iqbal scored 126 points.

This goes ahead of New Zealand, but that race is not like that. At the end of the day, the two openers received 86 stairs The hosts are only on the 148 stairs. The idea is that the Williamson team will be the leader of the guests.

Both boats were suddenly jade Raval and Tom Latham in the usual Bangladeshi bowling races. At the end of the day, both 51 and 35 were left without races.

Bangladesh lost the draw and it started well. Tamim-Saadman added fifty stairs. However, the pair broke down 24 personal stairs in Sadman. On the other hand, Tamim remained constantly, but only on the other side of the procession.

In addition to Sadman, the stairs are Captain Mahmudullah (22) and Liton Das (29).

In a nutshell, Tamim was like a one-stump that was next to each other. The ninth round of the opening of the left ended in the 100th century. Finally, returning to 126 stairs.

Bangladeshi innings have stopped 234 races. But instead of Bangladeshi's cricket fault, they must be praised instead of Neil Wagner. Only 5 wickets Team Southee took three from Trent Bolt and Grantham.

Pacer Ishant Hossain's debut has come to Bangladesh in this game.

Bangladesh never won the white dress in Zeeland New Zealand. There is a great potential, but there are not many critical critics as a result of injuries. Above all, the difference between Shakib Al Hasan and Mushfiqur Rahim is very different from the Tigray.

Bangladesh has won its fifth fifth in the Trial. On the contrary, two lost. On the other hand, the QI scored a point and three equals against the same win.

Bangladesh Time: 1140 Hours, February 28, 019

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