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The Hussa Commission does not trust Dacsura

Election Commission announced on March 1 to see Voter State Day. Now it's their theme & # 39; I'll vote, I'll vote & # 39 ;. Before the recent parliamentary election, the Electoral Commission voted to vote for 10.44 million voters but was unable to vote. There are no signals in the future. If people accept a mistake, future mistakes may be made. The Electoral Commission did not make mistakes. Their claim, on December 30, gave the best chance to give away. In that case, the national voter is a voter joke.

In this context, today, the election of the mayor of Dhaka North City Corporation will be held on February 28. And on March 11, the Student Parliament of Dacca (Duxu) will hold elections. Daksu will be elected after 28 years. The election obligation is not from the Electoral Commission. University administration. We hope that the university administration will support at least one student's franchise.

I will come after the Duxur. When talking about Dhaka city corporation, elections are prohibited in every way. Here are one and a half years of election after killing former Anisul Huq mayor. The elections were vacated within 90 days. But why not answer to that question is probably the main curator of our electoral commission, Khan Mohammad Nurul Huda. He knows it, while the government gives knowledge.

If the government government wants elections, elections are not necessary. It is impossible to select elected representatives to respect their own functions. In 2013, five opposition city candidates won supporters. Five of these have been arrested for four years. Those internal disputes were against them, perhaps the courts could be overwhelmed.

I saw a problem in the corporate city of Sylhet, which has not solved the issue, an organization has created the Symbolic Coffin of the Mayor Ariful Haque and maintains a protest program. Sylhet, in the near future, will see Sylhet as clear and tidy as any city in the country. However, what programs should be given to make the coffin of the mayor of Dhaka, Chittagong, Rajshahi, Barisal and Khulna, and be able to say the people who live in their cities. However, we do not know for sure that program. The mayor of these cities is governed by the party parties.

The city's corporation, the state and society, the politics, and the economy control the state-owned corporation that lives in Bangladesh's richest towns, and the mayoral elections are parties. But electoral voters do not see interest. When talking to people in the different Corporations of the Northern Corporation, on Tuesday, they have noticed unfair and indifferent between them. They say that there is no competition in the elections, which will be the result of the electoral election. The results are known.

There are five candidates from the North American Corporation, but no posters have been seen except for Atiqul Islam's boat driver. Elected as Mahbub Talukter of the Electoral Commission. If the election of the Upcin is Jolusless, the Dhaka North City Corporation is called cold cold. The left-wing parties that participated in the elections did not participate in the elections. BNP has announced that they will not do so. Shahin Khan, Abdur Rahim and Anisur Rahman, have been nominated by the musician Jatiya Party Shafin Ahmed. The country that maintains the eyes and ears that hear the name of the ballots, nobody would think that the elections will be made in the elite most of the time.

In the Upziila elections, the heat of the Awami League is rebelling the candidates of different places. A Rajshahi MP has been able to send the bed of the fraudulent candidates. Parliamentarian Narayanganj said: "I will take up the elections." Nobody has been a candidate. "It's not hard to understand what may be the uprising of the face of the election, claims and threats.

After 28 years of election, on March 11, all students participate. Bangladeshi residents want to live with the use of ships in wrecked ships, Bangladeshi's democrats are keen to seek Dakshu's final hope.

Regardless of the method of choice, at least Dakshu selection is free and correct, this time everyone prays. Even though, for a long time, all the students of the campus community of the community can go, they can vote, it is convenient. Fortunately, the environment remains completely unchanged until March 11. Students from Dhaka University hope that they will not listen after the election panel "It's your vote," perhaps we will lose the planned end of the tunnel.

Dasosu elections may also be elected after national elections. There are several examples in the past. Leaders of the BNP and Jatiya party will not tell you why the national elections have been under the rules of Ziaur Rahman and Hussein Muhammad Ershad. It has been a straightforward selection of all the students that include Dakasa. In Duxu's election history, in 1973, he was kidnapped by the ballot box before the opposite government student organization. Chhatra League and student associations were unable to pass the committees of these elections. The winner was Jasad-Chhatra League protector. This time the context is different. At that time the allies are not allies. Once again the opponents were friends

All students announced their panel. The VP and GS candidates of the Chhatra League are respectively Rezwanul Haque Chowdhury Sobhan and Secretary General, Golam Rabbani. VP is against Chhatra Dalen Mostafizur Rahman and Secretary General (GS) Khandaker Anisur Rahman, U.S. Secretary of Student Union, Liton Nandi and Secretary General (GS), question VP student on the left student, and Umm Habiba Benazir, president of the Dhaka University unit of students federation. Those who have made the motion for a reform of the Commission have also given another panel on the behalf of the High Commission of Student Rights Reserves.

The Chhatra League, Jatiyatabadi Chhatra Dal, the student of the left students, or the general council of the students, who won, the votes are correct. The election of these elections is that the teachers in the elections are in the polls. Opposition student organizations opposed the vote, when government-sponsored teachers engaged in the administration of the rooms. Assistance from government-sponsored teachers can result in doubts about government-sponsored student organization. 33,000 students from Dhaka University do not want a pregnancy, wanting to vote, free and peaceful.

Sohrab Hasan: Prothom Alo secretary and common secretary

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