Sunday , June 13 2021

The indignant story of Indian kills is concerned with the exclusion of world T20

Indian Cricket hero Mithali Raj has been furious he accused them of the cricket leaders on Friday last week at the Twenty20 World Cup semi-final. India lost out of England.

Raj, the highest wins of the international women's game and India's captain of the day, has written a strong complaint letter and the leader of the Indian Cricket (BCCI) Council on Monday handed over his anger to heal his anger.

"I was deflated, depressed and let me down for the first 20 years of a long career," said 35 years in the AFP's letter.

Raj questioned "some people who use my services to my country some way to break away from me and to break confidence."

The Raj company, Diana Edulji and the national coach Remash Powar, were left out of the eight wickets in England.

"The support of a member of the COA is a clear side and also a position has already been taken against me," said Raj, a 197-day international, 85 T20 matches and 10 trials that India played in their 50s debut in 1999 Against ireland

Rajk led two half century after losing the final anti-India match against India's T20 in Western India with knee injury.

He was banned on the eve of the midfielder of England, but the team won the Australian team. T20 captain Harmanpreet Kaur said that the selective were "a winning combination".

"I would also like to point out that I did not object to the captain T20 of Captain Harmanpreet Kaur, but for the call that he could take to decide on how to get the decision from the start of the bus."

"I wanted to win the World Cup in my country and I missed the chance of losing our gold."

England lost to Australia in the final of the tournament.

"I never think (Edulji) will use his position against me, I talked more about what I needed to go through the Caribbean."

BCCI did not immediately mention Raj's rejection.

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