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The land is 5 minutes away

You can now get online land copy in 5 minutes.

In the Khatian Khatian secretary, Saifuzzaman Chowdhury Jabed RS Khatian land minister inaugurated the opening ceremonies at the secretary's office. or or Or it can be said that the copy may be received online through a mobile copy application. This new system has been presented with the support of the A2I project in the Prime Minister's office.

The Earth Minister said: "There are about 61 thousand 500 (except for the three hills regions), which resulted in the completion of 41 thousand mechanism surveys to obtain Khatian information, 1 crore 46 lakhs RS (2065 continuous surveys) 32 thousand Get information on mechanics.

Saifuzzaman Chowdhury said: "We will not stay here. The remaining records will be gradually added.

The survey process will be uploaded in a continuous process and periodic reports completed. After the completion of the survey activities, the report published in the Bulletin will also be linked, as the minister said.

There is a complexity and complexity to get Khatiyan's copies in a conventional method. It will not be in the new system. There is no need to run the land office or DC office to get Khatia a copy.

The minister said that the e-mutation program has begun in 302 shelters today. The CST, SA and RS registers have been online, the RSK (Survey Assessment Evaluation) system and the DDR (Digitization Registry Room).

Secretary in charge Md. Maqsudur Rahman Patwari said: "Regular office buildup office branches and scarves are provided. The Government has launched an online-based RS system to reduce Khatia's complexity and long-term recruitment, reduce time, cost and traffic loss, reduce the mediation rate and land services transparent and accountable.

How to get there can be found online

All citizens were aware that all citizens were a story of all citizens, to collect online land records. To search, you must select the department, district, tent and mouza. Khatian can find the number or space number or the name of the owner or the father or the husband's name.

In addition, Khatia's copy of the copy of the request for proof is available on-line, installation liquidation and facilities for monitoring by the authorities.

To obtain an online copy of the online application, the citizen's name, identity card number (if applicable) and telephone number, etc. Once the information is provided, a fee will be charged through a mobile bank or online bank. After paying the fee, you can print online copies directly if you want to receive online copies.

When requesting a copy of the certificate, the citizen's name, ID, phone number, etc. will be provided. After the information, the fees will be evaluated through a mobile bank or online bank. After payment of the fee, you must request your name, ID, email, mobile phone, transaction ID and email address to be sent online. Afterwards, certified copies of RS Khatian will be sent to the interested party or address of the applicant, in the prescribed dates.


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