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The voters' responsibility will not come – Daily Amader Shomoy



1 March 2015 00:38

The High Commission of Elections (CEC) has commented on the lack of the presence of voters in KM Nurul Huda's political and election elections. The Electoral Commission created a votive atmosphere. They do not take voters. Today, the responsibility of the voters in both municipal elections is less than EC; Responsibility candidates and political parties. This was said in the context of the decline of voters participation in the elections of the mayor of the North Corporation (DNCC) and 36 new district councilors in the North and South. The CEC was a journalist at the IES Higher Center in Uttariko 5, Thursday 10:30 p.m. In response to the question that the Basque Country will take on its responsibility, the parties have not reached the elections, the CEC has said that it is the responsibility of political parties. The responsibility of the Electoral Commission is not here. Due to the presence of voters, there could be two less reasons: it is a short-term election. After a year, the elections will be re-elected to ensure low attendance. And if all political parties do not participate, voters do not have competitive elections, if they believe that their presence will be less. 2,929, 2,467 and 3,281 candidates are present in three ISE Higher Education Centers, respectively. 51 percent vote in 3 centers until 10:00 p.m. As CEC said, people can grow up to date. But the presence is not that number. We create a decent environment. The voters of political parties or candidates must vote. We say that the environment is fair, everything is safe and everyone can vote. The CEC said that this election was not the voter, because the elections were not many voters. The presence of voters is less. The presence at the end of the day grows a bit. But in general, it should be taken into account less than the voters. The election system is not a blame – the CEC said that the polling officer, the presidency, the law and order have been designated as the security force. We do not think there is an error. Nurul Hudak said that in the first two hours, he drops a half percentage less in this center, he said, now nothing will be said. To vote until 4th; Then you can say how it was voted.

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