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These are Mujib Overseas

In the 1980s, Mujire Paradigm gained popularity with songs. In town, hamlet, parade and around the clock, they played songs. This song has been successful with the success of this song. Some of the most popular songs in his song Kalme Na Kali, I'm near prison, I do not know if I give blank mud, I have mud, I like animals, I shout my people, I will not leave myself in my head, Gold friend, etc. Mujib Paradesh Bangladeshen Munshiganj Tongibari was born in the town of Thana Betekka. Ustad Golam Haider Ali Khan, Ustad Fazlul Haq, Ustad Amanullah, trained in childhood. The table was studied by Ustad Monir Hossain Khan and Ustad Sajjad Hossain Khan. A long song by legendary artist Abdul Alim. His career began as a board player on the radio. He worked as a musician on radio and television. The music director Satya Saha, Subal Das, Dhir Ali, worked as an assistant Khandakar Nurul Alam. Mujib Paribahan's first and controversial "Prisoner Prison" debut. Up to now, there are only 42 collections. But before that, he was the director of music in "Ashant Maa". He then worked as a director of 20 films. He also played the song. Although Mujib is abroad abroad, she is currently in the country. How are you the artist? Mujib Paradian said in the north, I'm asking everyone. I'm singing Have you left back reputation? Why is that The artist said to the north, I sang in many countries. But I was stuck with the love that lived in London. Although I have not found love like this one. In the meantime, this perception made me pain. Actually, money was a reason to leave the country. In London, both in London, and I was. But there was no country in the country. I was in the financial field. What did you do in exile? Mujib Paradigi said, I can not do anything to release the song. I also sang there ten years ago. At that time I made a lot of songs. He also worked for foreign artists. But you are not as well known as that time, because there is a big gap? According to Mujib foreigner, he laughs at the north, he does not want to be. Believing in life is hard. But I accept that issue. I'll sing songs again. New plan? The artist said, there are many plans. Now display regular. After four years I'm working on a new solo album. This will be my 43rd unit. There will be 10 songs. In my words, I'm working on music and tuning. I want to sing more songs than this album. There's still no status before. The industry has changed. Digital songs have been released. I decided to release the song and YouTube.

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