Wednesday , February 8 2023

They have been accused of cheating with this tunic from the film ‘A Thousand Years’.


The famous novel “A Thousand Years” by the famous novelist and filmmaker Zaheer Raihan. In 2005, actor Suchanda made the film ‘A Thousand Years’ based on this novel. Riaz and Sharmin Zoha Shashi played the lead roles of Mantu and Tuni. After a long time, Shashi was not seen in any of the movies. Recently, it was reported in the media that he was starring in a movie. Meanwhile, Shashi has retired from film accused of cheating.

Shashi took part in the shooting of the film ‘Shadow’ on November 26th. Even then he left the film. Directed by Solomon Jewel.

Explaining the reason for leaving the film, Shashi said, ‘At first I was told it was a drama. It was later reported that it was web content. I like the story and I agree to work on that. But after shooting some scenes, I found out that it was a movie. But other artists have been used to talk about the films. So why did they deceive me by telling lies? As the matter was unresolved, I withdrew. ‘

Why didn’t you act in the film for a long time? In response to that question, Shashi said, ‘I will work in film. But I want to work with a little understanding. I have a focus on movies. That’s why there’s so much waiting after thousands of years. I want to work on good stories and good quality projects. ”

Shashir is working on two drama series titled “Tolpar” and “Hulsthul TV”. Previously, he registered on the digital platform through a web series called ‘Dhaka Metro’.

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