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They kill two birds with a stone & # 39;

Asif Akbaren's music star is very common at this time. Not only that, most songs released in great honors are the same. The singer has released 100 rehears last year in the morning. These songs published in different companies were successful. This year's tracking has continued this year. Meanwhile, several songs have been released in the past. In it, Asif has received a good response through the song "Silent Sickness". After 18 years, the singer worked with the singer, the music and music director of Oh Priya Jahin. Abril has made this song with Asif from the ongoing music room. Player made by Jeetu Babu. How is Asif Akbar this day? The artist told the north: Alhamdulillah is very good.

But I can not say how this time is happening. Continuing recording and filming will be busy. Retirement for me has become a modern moon. I also work for audiences. Asif Asif today So they have to work with them. And when I'm in work, my mind – the body is also good. Dragged at same speed for many years. At this time, your music is appreciating the performance of the video. As you see in a video viewer. What is the secret? Asif said, there is no mystery. I have to do my job. I've recorded a lot of songs, many songs in front of me. And the video video is a little bit different. Producers and producers demand that they make my song. This has killed two birds in a pile.

I also sang with the video and continued the video work. I also ask for requests. And the opinions of my fans are also great. If not, but not. I like everything in all. Have you worked with Vipin Babu for 18 years? What is the experience? Asif said: "I got another one again, silent difficulty." My eldest brother, my dear brother. Make me livelier. Many contributions to my career. My first album, "Where are you beloved," he did. I worked in different ways. But there was a lot of time in our mountains. Thus, the distance was created. But there is more. We're back to work.

Through our new song, audience audiences will see our pair. Everyone who plays the song has tried to make the most of it. I also appeared in Action Loo. One, it's a great experience. What is the current state of music? Asif said, the super state of music is next to me. The general situation can be different from the other. But to fight against harmful conditions. I do not lose players. We struggled in every situation. They're still doing this. That's going to be the case. Closed job will return again. And someone's habit will progress.

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