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TV drama infinite pair

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Afzal Hossain and Subarna Mostafa, the most popular romantic couple in the history of television drama in Bangladesh in the 1960s and 1980s, this popular Bengali drama fascinated the audience. At that time, the viewers could not think of BTV's Afzal-Subarna pair for weekly and monthly drama. Many people enjoy the state of being a lover and a lover. They worked together in the theater and work in Dhaka. In 1975, Rabindranath Tagore's "Suba" drama was the first television show. Then he had no trace, he did not see Rumi, "Zohra", "Devdoot", "Blood Vices" # 39; and many other plays. As a result, a type of chemistry has grown in them. Although many of them demanded a chemical affair, two people are still alive. This drama was created with Afzal and Subarna. The number of jobs decreased as the time grew, and the number of jobs fell. However, if they participate in a play, the audience wakes up. They became nostalgia. One of them was scattered
Romantic couple unknown This couple was lately seen & # 39; Nurul Alam Honeychandrima & # 39; in a game called Written by Badrul Anam Saud, Arif Khan managed it. Afzal-Subarna drama performance gave the audience a great deal of response.

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