Sunday , February 5 2023

University teachers will receive a loan of 5% interest loan.


The Finance Department is working on creating new policies for this loan on Monday monday
The secretary of the Department of Secondary Education and Baccalaureate said that after a policy,
Preparation programs will be implemented.

At the end of the payment, there is a schedule for eleventh parliamentary elections
The government headed by Awami League said about this initiative.

He said the letter: "Self-employed organizations, including public university professors,
The Government is already a policy oriented, under 5% of its employees under the housing loan, under ordinary interest
He made the decision. Preparing another policy in this rule is currently undergoing a process.

"After preparing the policies, teachers of all public universities are ready
Interest rate on the bank system of self-employed workers 5 percent
Construction of housing construction starts to build. "

5% simple bank interest in government management (without interest)
Government officials get 75 lakh taka. Notifications
According to the public lecturers of the University, they are not under this loan.

Therefore, in a letter from the Association of Teachers' Federation of Bangladesh,
The secretary of secondary and higher education under this loan to bring university professors
this request

Under the Charter, public university lecturers are covered under this loan
Secondary and higher education have sent a letter to the Treasury Secretary.
In the face of it, the financial division said on Monday that the policy was going ahead.

5 percent of the public servants of the Bank and the maximum amount is 75 lakh taka
Until July 30, the Treasury Department issued a housing construction loan, "the banking system for government employees
Building a loan policy through -2018 ".

After five years of permanent employment, officials get this loan
Optional. The maximum age of the loan application is 56 years. Loan Limit
It has been between 2 million and 75 lakh taka. The loan will be paid for a maximum of 20 years.

In return for this loan, the bank has a simple interest of 10%, that is, compound interest (interest
The interest is 5%. The rest of the money is government subsidy
It will be paid.

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