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Venecius live in Brazil, Marcelo has fallen.

23 team members announced on Thursday for two games
Brazilian coach coach On March 23 Panamanian and March 26 against the Czech Republic
Five times World Cup winners.

Of course, the group could not be injured in January two and a half months ago
Neymar goes.

In July, transfer four million euros to the Santiago Bernabeu belt
Vinceius joined Real Madrid XI. To make a posture place. All competition
So far, the team has scored four goals in 26 games.

Invite young Venezuelan youngsters to help grow
According to the statement, in the case of Neymar, it will be better done in June and July
After about 18 years in the Copa América team
Old Forward.

As a result of injury, Russia could not play against the World Cup in Dani Alves
Return to the group The biggest names in the list are Elery Left-Back Marcelo. Bad shape
The team of the Madrid team has become uneven.

Russia played six games in the final quarter final of the World Cup
He won Brazil

Brazilian team:

Goalkeeper: Alison (Liverpool), Areson (Manchester City), Wayverton

Defense: Alex Sandro (Uvantos), Dani Alves (PSG), Danilo
(Manchester City), including Militao (Porto), Philip Lewis (Atlético de Madrid), Marinis
(PSG), Miranda (Inter Milan), Chile Silva (PSG)

Midfielders: Alan (Napoli), Arthur (Barcelona), Casemero (Real Madrid),
Fabino (Liverpool), Felipe Anderson (West Ham), Lucas Pakqueta (AC Milan),
Filipi Koutinio (Barcelona)

Forward: Everton (Gremio), Roberto Ferminino (Liverpool), Gabriel
Jesse (Manchester City), Richardson (Everton), Vignes Junior (Real Madrid)

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