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Where to get the official Bangladesh T-shirt World Cup

Sport and Sportjake have been officially released by Bangladeshi team. One month ago the press conference was announced. Sports and sports sell jerseys and sell local brands. Today's press conference was announced today. It's worth the price. But the shirts have not yet been able to show BCB or the sales company.

On Saturday afternoon, at the restaurant in the capital, this time the World Cup sisters will be sharing their official T-shirt in Bangladesh. Monday will cost 1150 taks. The men's shirt is not only available in the market for shorts and sweatshirts.

President of BCB Media Committee Jalal Yunus and Sports and Sports MehtaBuddin Sentu said that within two days the shirt will be officially presented, but will be released on the market.

Sports and Sports have found a T-shirt sold for one year, Bangladeshi clothing will sell more than one storeys between the Anjanas and Gentle Park clothing brands. There are also online shopping options. Crickshaw BD and Jersey Freak BD; These two online organizations sell jerseys on their platforms. In addition to Demi, customers can also buy jerseys. Robin Sports will work individually to expand the cricket fans across the country.

Non-entities can not sell jerseys in Bangladesh. If someone tries to sell and sell, then it may take illegal property action.

Visitors to the World Cup in England have the opportunity to buy a T-shirt from Bangladesh. In the exile, visitors can pick up several outfits in England and Wales. Outside rooms and areas, the ICC's official store also plans to sell tigers for jerseys for Sports and Sports jerseys.

The Bangladeshi country will leave on July 1 to participate in three series and thereafter participate in the World Cup. Previously, Captain Mashrafe Mortaza will be in press conference on April 29. It is known that the World Cup T-shirt will be officially presented.

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