Saturday , July 2 2022

Why does Kareena eat meat? …- 708173 | Kaler Kantho


Shahid Kapoor now lives in Bebo. Both Shahid and Kareena live today. Kareena Nawab Saif Ali Khan is married, 10 years older. On the other hand, Shaheed married 13-year-old girl Mira Rajput, who was seen by his family. But, at the same time, Pagal Kapoor Nandini has forgotten those who are in love with martyrs.

Shahid-Karan & # 39; Faith & # 39; The movie filmed in 2004. From the beginning, Kareena Shahid or Kareena did not hide their relationship. She married Shahid and decided to marry. Of course, when Karina Shahid was in love, he ate fish meat. Especially he ate meat.

But Shahid Kapoor did not eat fish, meat. Evergreen was vegetarian. In love with Martyrs, Habuduu Kareena was given meat and meat, only for martyrs. At that time Shahid-Karina and Curtisar Koffee Karan took place. Lollok told me about a factory. Jiniuja

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