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Yaba prisoners in jail!

Over the years, the boy started selling and selling for many years. One day, after consuming Yaba, he played along with the family that had been with her husband and wife. Now my dad did not accept it. The court filed a case against the boy. In that case, the druggist's father, mother, siblings and wives witnessed it. According to this testimony, the judge was imprisoned for two years.

Feni happened to the event. The name of the accused is Mir Hossain (36). His house was in the center of the Union of Jaipurg Suvpur, under the Chagalnaiya de Novos de Feni.

Court sources said Thursday that drug dependence and traffickers were condemned under Mir Hossain Zigor Code 19 (1) / 9 (a) under Narcotics Control Law and sentenced to two years in prison and two thousand tacos and sentenced to another month's imprisonment in jail Senior Judge of the Senior Judge Zakir Hossain was sentenced. At that time, they were accused in court.

Family sources said Mir Hossain has been selling and selling drugs for 18 years. He had a little work before. He went to work while taking drugs. Mir Hossain's torture disturbed the family.

General Assistant Prosecutor Feni (API) Sathadeb Kumar Baidya said on July 3, 2012, that Mir Hussein was accused of joining the home members of the house, after taking Yabak. Then said his father. Yusuf Bhuiyan, mother Chakina Begum, sister Nargis Sultana, old brother Younus Bhuiyan, deputy drug dealer Mir Hossain and Chaglania police. When the police were brought from that house, the police recovered 25 yuan pills at the foot of the accused bed.

The court said the accused's father said. Yusuf Bhuiyan has presented an incident with the National Police in Chaggia according to the Narcotics Act. In the court procedure, nine witnesses, father, mother, siblings, accused wife, police, testified in court.

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